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A bit about us

Pyramid Recycling Enterprise turns waste plastic into new products with a long lifespan. The Company currently produces Curtain Ropes, Chair Fittings and Plastic Lumber, all from 100% recycled plastics that is collected from the streets of Accra. Pyramid started operations in 1999 and formally registered in 2007. Today, the business employs about 15 staff and creates employment for over 20 female waste-pickers.

Environmentally Friendly

Everything we do is to help preserve the environment.

Quality Recycled Products

We recycle waste plastic into high quality Curtain Ropes, Chair Fittings, Plastic Lumber Beams and Furniture.

100% Recycled Plastic

All of our products are made from waste plastic materials collected from the environment.

SDG Oriented

We contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals 11, 12, 13, and 14


We help preserve the environment by making plastic waste useful.

Our Products

We use waste plastic to make...

Curtain Ropes

Curtain Ropes

We make beautiful, high quality curtain ropes from 100% recycled plastic.

Chair fittings

Chair Fittings

We make different chair fittings for various types of furniture, according to your needs.

Plastic Lumber beams

Plastic Lumber Beams

We produce high quality plastic lumber beams for building and construction, fencing and (garden) furniture.

PL garden table

PL Garden Table

Make your garden comfortable with our Plastic Lumber garden table completely made from recycled plastic.